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Processed Cashew Nuts, Raw Cashew Nuts


Mike Jansen

Date published: 22-12-2018 | 1408 views
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Grade: W320
Count: 300-320 kernels grams(1 lbs)
in vacuum-tin can of 11.34kgs then pack 2 tins/carton of 22.68kgs net

Cashew Kernels Nut WW320


Name: Cashew Kernels Nut WW320
Grade: W320
Count: 300-320 kernels/grams(1 lbs)
Moisture: 5% Max
Spotted: 1% Max
Scrapes: 5% Max
Broken: 5% Max
Crop Year: current year
Packaging Detail: In PE bag or tin box,11.34kgs/box,2 boxes/carton,700 cartons/20container

Color: White/pale ivory/light ash
Quantity: 16 Metric Ton/Metric Tons

The cashew nuts are available in various grades like W-210, W-240 and W-320 that ensures the quality of the nuts. These cashew nuts are also packed and supplied in various packages to international clients. These cashew nuts are premium in taste and provide warmth to the body in cold winters Our company exports cashew nuts with following specification.

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