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Garden supplies - Stocklots

Looking for garden supplies, garden equipment or gardening tools in large volumes? Here you will find stocklots in all sorts of garden supplies, tools and decorations.

Stocklots garden supplies

Gardening is a major hobby (or necessity) for millions of people. The market for garden supplies is large and the variety in products and tools is immense. As garden supplies can be sold through many existing channels, off line or online, this offers interesting opportunities to stocklot traders. Here you will find a myriad of garden supplies and garden equipment in large or relatively small stocklots.

Residual stocks and bankrupt stocks in garden supplies

Within the market of stocklots a special market is created by offerings coming from bankruptcies. In all markets businesses go broke now and then and the unsold products will often be put on the market through auctions. Of course prices of bankruptcy stock will in most cases be lower than general stocklots. However this is not always the case as buyers at these auctions are not always aware of market conditions for specific products. In the garden supplies market this may also be the case as this market is considered a specific niche in the stock lot market. Another part of stocks offered here originate from residual stocks, often bought from garden equipment factories, garden tool wholesalers or large retailers. These lots are generally bought by stocklot traders that have a good understanding of market conditions and in that way they may compete with prices emanating from bankruptcy lot traders.

Stocklots in garden decorations

Besides garden equipment and garden supplies you will also find garden accessories or garden decoration. Flower pots, water fountains, decorative garden figures, you name it, you will find it here. These stock lots cater to garden supplies sellers and the market for exterior decoration. So your potential market may be wider compared to garden tools or supplies.