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Electra - Stocklots

Stocklots in electric appliances, lighting and a large variety of electrical powered products. Residual stocks, bankruptcy stocks and large stocks directly from distributors and manufacturers, you will find it here.

Stocklots in lighting

There is always a large demand for LED and Halogen lighting. Replacing lights is a never ending story for all households. That is one of the reasons that lights are easily sold in numerous retail situations. For stocklot traders this offers opportunities in easy selling lots to a myriad of markets and buyers.

Upload your own electrical stocklots

If you are a stock lot trader looking to enlarge your customer base then you have come to exactly the right place. Uploading stocklots is very easy and the same goes for selling your stocks. We do not demand commissions in promoting your stocklots on this website. The same goes for buyers of stocklots, after creating a free account you will be able to see the details of the sellers and you can contact them directly. There is not one single reason not to trade through!