Advertising rates

At you can choose to place a single advertisement or get a Premium account with which you can place an unlimited number of advertisements. Do you have any questions regarding the placement of your advertisement or a Premium account? Please contact us by e-mail at

Single advertisement

    Your advertisement will be activated directly after payment.
    Determine the duration of your ad yourself.
    Longer duration = more discount!
    Multiple advertisements possible.
    No automatic renewal!

1 month
€ 2,50
2 months
€ 4,75
5% discount
3 months
€ 6,94
7,5% discount
4 months
€ 9,00
10% discount
5 months
€ 10,94
12,5% discount
6 months
€ 12,75
15% discount

Premium account

    Unlimited advertising during the chosen period.
    You don't have to pay for each advertisement separately.
    Your advertisements will be activated directly.
    After payment your advertisements will be placed on top again.
    No automatic renewal!

This option is the most advantageous from 5 ads!

3 months
€ 30,-
6 months
€ 57,-
5% discount
12 months
€ 108,-
10% discount

All prices are incl. VAT.


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