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Liquor - Stocklots

Wineglasses, wine, champagne, beer, cognac and all sorts of liquor accessories are offered here in stocklots of different sizes and specifications.

Wine and champagne stocklots

Alcoholic beverages are always in large demand. Buying these products in stocklots makes perfectly sense as the retail price is a known factor in most markets. That leaves all the dealing up to margin and expiration date. The latter is an important characteristic for beer and some wines. With liquor and champagne this may not be as important. Wine and champagne lots are especially in demand as both can be sold at premium prices.

Wine accessories stocklots

Wineglasses, corkscrews, bottleholders, decanters, they are always in large demand as the market of wine accessories is bigger than you would imagine. They are great as gifts and this also makes the market for wine accessories wider than for wine itself.

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

We opted to gather all sorts of beverages in this single category. So you will come across wine, champagne and liquor lots as well as non-alcoholic beverages in stocklots. Coca Cola and RedBull are the usual offerings here but you will also find lots in natural water and soda.