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Clothes - Stocklots

Looking for garments stock lots? Here you will find numerous stock lots in garments and clothing. You will find all sorts of garments in all sorts and sizes of stock lots.

Find the stock lot in garments matched to your preferences

Varying from menís shirts to ladies panties and from childrenís T-shirts to leather garments you will always find the perfect stock lot in garments and clothing you are looking for. Sizes of stock lots vary as much as the items offered. Some stock lots are reasonably small containing only a few pieces whereas others are really sizable going from hundreds to thousands of items. You will also encounter mixed stock lots and 1-piece / 1 -color stock lots in several sizes.

Tips for any garment stock lot buyer

When you are looking for stocklots in garments and apparel you have come to the right place on the net. After free registration you will receive a login which gives you access to the personal information of all stock lot vendors. You will be able to get in touch directly with the selling party without any interference on our part. It is all for free so no commissions will be charged which enables you to buy at the lowest possible prices. Before you will close the deal with the selling party always make sure that you have a clear understanding of the clothing and garments offered and the price of purchase. Also make sure that payments will be secure for both buyer and seller. Some stock lot traders offer samples of the offered clothes. In this 1 on 1 contact between buying and selling party both parties must feel comfortable and a good understanding of the needs of the other party is a very good start.

More garment stock lots from the same stock lot trader

Sometimes one stock lot trader offers other stocklots within the same category. This is particularly true for the garment and clothing traders. You will come across stock lots in letís say menís shirts and at the bottom of the page you will see what other stocklots are offered by the same garment stock lot trader. This may come in handy, you will be able to make a deal in several stock lots with the same trader.

Menís, womenís and kids clothing

Regardless your style, either denim or classic, this category comes to you with a wide range of men and women clothing, ranging for instance from jeans, hoody jackets, sweaters, V-necked or round-necked T-shirts and polo shirts from all kinds of brands and sizes. Brands as Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and Lacoste are frequently offered, as well as Jack and Jones, Esprit and Adidas. Clothes for all seasons are represented, such as sunhats, menís shorts, boyís swimwear and womenís summer short sleeves.

Winter clothing

Are you looking for a warm winter coat, decent scarf or rather some fashionable gloves with matching hats? In this category your search could easily come to an end. Traders from all around the globe are here putting their merchandise for sale, which results in a diverse collection of wares. You can think of Russian hats, knitted hats, mixed gloves and even Cashmere scarfs or shawls also belong to the possibilities.

Underwear, briefs and lingerie

Besides regular outwear, this category also contains a variety of underwear. Not only undies or lingerie for girls and women are included, but also a whole lot of different briefs, boxers or underpants for boys and men. Lingerie makes up the bigger part of the collection, with bras, thongs, stockings and sexy Brazilian costumes.

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Thousands of buyers and sellers
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Platform is founded in 2013