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Office supplies - Stocklots

Are you a stocklot trader or wholesale buyer?
Brace yourself, this category is definitely going to grab your attention!

Office stationary

Despite advanced computer technology, offices lacking good old stationary simply do not exist. Ideas and drafts have to be given the opportunity to be written down quickly. In such cases, a proper pen and piece of paper will become very handy. This category fulfills these desires by coming to you with all sorts of pens, ranging from ballpoints, (colour) pencils to markers and highlighters. Of course these items require notepads, portfolios, folders memos, memoholders and memoblocks, which are included in this category as well. For those who prefer more present-day office gear, this category offers regular and magnetic whiteboards, clipboards and accompanied board markers and even stylus pens.

Miscellaneous office accessories

Calculations and measurements are unavoidable and necessary, either if you work in an office or still spend most of your day at school or university. Miscellaneous office supplies provide the needs of desk workers, data presenters, pupils, scholars and students. It comprises calculators, converters, rulers, scissors, and staples, but also additional accessories such as usb/memory sticks , business-card holders and phone holders. These pieces come in wholesale numbers, so do the math and make your move!