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Health - Stocklots

The Health & Beauty market has grown considerably these last few years. The same goes for stocklots offered within this category. Cosmetics, skin care and hair care are the main items stocklot traders are looking for.

Stocklots Health & Beauty

Feeling good and looking great, that’s what it’s all about these times. Whether you like it or not we are living in a “Me, myself and I” -oriented world. Stocklot traders that are active in this market do not complain of course. The Health & Beauty market is as strong as ever before. Within the Health & Beauty market skin care and hair care are the dominating segments followed closely by the cosmetics market. When you scroll through the stock lots offered here you will see the same division and weighting.

Stock lots and residual stock in cosmetics

On this page you will find many stock lots and residual stock in cosmetics. Nail polish, nail color sets, lip gloss, foundation powder and complete make up sets are offered here and regularly new cosmetics items are added. The market for cosmetics is always depended on fashion trends and seasonal impacts. So it is a vibrant market place where the right offer at the right price make trade miracles happen.

Stock lots in hair care

Hair care takes up about 25% of the total Health & Beauty market. Shampoos, conditioners, hair trim sets and razor blades are important market segments. Here you will come across many stocklots in hair care products. Just register for free and you can get in touch with the stocklot trader that is offering the lot you are interested in.

Skin care lots

Skin care is one of the fastest growing market segments in the Health & Beauty market sector. Today it has surpassed the market for hair care. Soap, anti-fatigue ointment, sun tans and sprays, bio-oils, you name it and you will find it here. The skin care market has much to offer for stocklot traders as many of these products have a long life-span and many of the products do not deteriorate fast over time. That is one of the reasons you will find some relatively large quantities offered at very sharp prices letting you profit for breaking it down in smaller portions and selling it to retailers.