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150 Boardgames Lorrein


Sensalot (Arthur Scholten)

Date published: 15-01-2018 | 1413 views
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Stocklots and Traders
Stocklots and TradersStocklots and TradersStocklots and Traders


A Lot of 150 Boardgames Lorrein. A unique and exquisite game with many wooden parts and a unique wooden change bowl (replacing dice). 2 to 4 player game, 8 years and older. Nice to play with family or friends. Especially nice for fans of the game Catan.

The Lot needs to be picked up in the area of Enschede by you (or your shipper).
Packed 6 in a box.
Price exclusding VAT is 3,-

Contact via +31 614149522

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