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Mesh Banner

$ 60000

RPG Impex (Praney Bhargav)
United kingdom

Date published: 29-10-2018 | 1151 views
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Stocklots and TradersStocklots and Traders


Item: PVC Coated Rolls (2 Meter x 50 Meter)

Description: Promotional grade external internal fabric for Blinds & banner material to meet the needs of multiple banner constructions used both indoor and outdoors. The edges can be finished with hems and grommets.

Recommended Uses: This material is designed for piezo inkjet printing, screen printing & UV priting using your choice of inks and graphic protection, as well as cut graphic decoration.

Characteristics: Weight
Ounces/square yard: 7.5 + 0.5 oz.
(gr/meter2): (255)
Tensile Strength
Warp lbs/in (kg/cm): 181 (32)
Fill lbs/in (kg/cm): 153 (27)
Tear Strength
Warp lbs/in (kg/cm): 74 (13)
Fill lbs/in (kg/cm): 69 (12)

Quantity: 200 Rolls in Cardboard boxes; Rolls weigh 83 lbs each and there are 15 pallets
Estimated Weight w/pallets: 24,500 Lbs.

Present Form: Rolls are protected by a fiber core. Rolls are laying flat on a pallet and are banded to the pallet (see attached pictures).

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