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Quebracho Blanco Natural Hardwood Charcoal

Stocklots and Traders


We are manufacture and exporter of premium quality Natural hardwood Quebracho Blanco Charcoal In Paraguay .

-Premium high quality 100% natural hardwood charcoal .
-Charcoal Type : Quebracho Blanco .
-Origin : Paraguay .
-Long Time Burning Capacity 6-7 Hours Without Fire Or Smoke Ash .
-Usage : For BBQ and Shisha
-Packing : 10, 20 kg in bags
-Payment Terms : TT 30% in advance,70% against documents
-MOQ: 1 20ft container loads 11 MT
-40Ft container loads 22MT

Contact : Mss. Heba
Charcoal & Cia
International Sales manager
Email: [Login for more contactinfo]
Whatsapp 00962799575679

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