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"STILL FORKLIFT R70-45 Hybrid" diesel and electric

13500 eur

B2BiZ GmbH (B2bGermany)

Date published: 21-02-2018 | 921 views
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- Type R 70-45 hybrid
- operating hours 13,927 hours (see photo)
- Fuel Type: Diesel
- Year of construction: 2011
- Height: 2,600 mm
- Capacity: 4,500 kg
- Lifting height: 5,500 mm
- Combustion engine-electric traction drive in
Hybrid technology.
- Modern diesel with alternator
- Extremely low fuel consumption in all work cycles.
- Low pollutant emission, complies with Directive 97/68 / EC
Level 3a

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Mr: Alexender Phone and WhatApp : +49 178 5565 461 or

Mr. Alexis Phone and WhatApp: +49 178 88 30 377

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