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28000pcs big headphone stock

USD1.20 FOB no change

Bluestar International Technology Co., Ltd. (Isabella Fu)
China / Shenzhen

Date published: 14-10-2015 | 1848 views
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Stocklots and Traders
Stocklots and TradersStocklots and Traders


big headphone stock, price is very attractive, USD1.35 FOB, original for airline, balance quantity, airline company did not take, all are brand new goods, quality is good

They are normal headphone, not special one for economy class, high-end businessman can use it on the plane or in the office, airport supermarket sells them also

A item: 20000pcs
B item: 8000pcs

Packing: each headphone in a polybag, then put in master carton, if you need gift box packing, shall add USD0.25/unit

Factory can change to normal headphone plug

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