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Prebena 2P-CLIP45 cable clamp nailer

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Progress IMO GmbH (Alex)

Date published: 06-04-2018 | 332 views
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EAN: 4016429039046
QTY: 700pcs

A cable clamp nailer for magazined cable clamps from the German manufacturer Prebena.

The device is suitable for cable clamps type CLIP 8 and CLIP10 from 9.5 - 45 mm. This allows you to easily attach the CLIPS and then simply press in the cable.

The cable clamp nailer is supplied in the matching plastic hardcase from Prebena.

Conforms to the standards: 98/37/EG, DIN EN 792-13, DIN EN 12549, ISO 8662-11, ISO 12100-1 and ISO 12100-2.
Scope of delivery:

Cable clamp nailer 2P-CLIP45
Plastic hardcase from Prebena
instruction manual
Declaration of Conformity
dimensions: 310 x 57,5 x 255mm
weight: 1,7 Kg
Working pressure: 5 - 7 bar
max. operating pressure: 7 bar
Drive-in object: Prebena cable clamp type CLIP8 / CLIP 10 9.5 - 45 mm
Air consumption: approx. 0,75l/nailing at 6 bar
Vibration index: 3.41 m/s
Single release with release protection
Magazine system: Sideloader

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