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Shoes - Stocklots

On this page stock lot buyers that are looking for a stocklot in shoes will just find the lot they were looking for.

Stocklot shoes

In this section you will find stocklots in classic shoes, sneakers, sport shoes, kids shoes, well-known shoe brands and safety shoes. The market of shoes is immense, you only have to look at your private collection of shoes and notice that you probably own more shoes now than let’s say 10 years ago. We wear specific shoes for many occasions and for some occasions we have different types and colors to pick from. That does not hold us back in buying still new ones though. It makes perfect sense to trade in stocklots of shoes. The market is growing, price and quality are an issue and so is the fit for the occasion. Besides customers preferences for shoes varies from individual to individual. This market variation is ideally suited for savvy stocklot traders.

Residual and bankruptcy stocks in shoes

Within the stocklot market for shoes you will come across many stocks from liquidations and bankruptcies. Retailing is a difficult sport especially with online competition soaring so bankruptcies do occur in the shoe market. As many premier shoe shops have to sell the latest shoes from their brands you will also find residual stock offered. In both cases top brands of shoes will find a market through stock lot buyers.

Sizes and varieties in stocklot shoes

Sizes do matter in shoes and the same goes for the type of shoes offered. Sporting shoes and sneakers are in high demand but do not forget the classic leather shoes. Picking the right mix of sizes is important and depends heavily on the market you want to sell the stocklot, the most common size of shoes differs per country. As regarding the types of shoes, there is a market for any type of shoe in almost any country although some models just are more in demand than others.