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15 Kg Silver Bar LBMA Certified Available Immediately.

1008 €

Hartmann & Benz GmbH (Martin)

Date published: 14-09-2023 | 37 views
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Stocklots and Traders
Stocklots and TradersStocklots and TradersStocklots and Traders


Dear investors and traders,

we are pleased to offer you our LBMA certified 15 kilogram silver bars. This offer might be especially interesting for you if you need additional silver. Our stock includes a total of 2240 of these bars, divided into 28 pallets, with 80 bars on each pallet.

Please note that this offer is available in a free bonded warehouse. Shipping costs and VAT at the rate of 20% will be charged upon delivery.

The net price is €10,470 per 15 kilograms. The sale takes place from a minimum purchase of 40 bars of 15 kilograms or a pallet of 80 bars.

If you have any questions or would like to receive further information, please do not hesitate to contact our support team and our e-mail contact.

With best regards,

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