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Medical Disposable protective suits (sterile)


RM Exports (Nanda)

Date published: 18-03-2020 | 97 views
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**Contact: +60 162601434 **

Product Name :
Normal Disposable protective suits &
Medical Disposable protective suits (sterile)

MOQ : 10,000
Package Information : Carton Size:40*40*60cm Gross Weight:19.25kg 25pcs per carton

Product Details
Material PP/SMS/SMMS/SF/Microporous
Style With/Without Hood/Boots,Elastic Cuff/Ankles/Waist
Payment TT 30% Deposit, 70% Before Shipment
Payment TT 30% Deposit & LC possible
Weight From 30gsm To 60gsm, According To Customer's Requirements.
Package 1pc/Bag, 50bags/Ctn
Advantage Light Weight, Breathable, Anti-Dust, Waterproof, Anti-Static, Anti-Oil
OEM Service We Provide The OEM Or ODM Service

Used For Communities, Schools, And Self-Isolation, Not For Hospitals And Rescue Stations

Confidentiality Agreement

A confidentiality agreement is signed for the design and order of the customer, which fully guarantees that the originality of the customer and the rights of the customer are not infringed.

Full Refund Agreement

-Sign a refund agreement before the transaction. If the customer has any objections to the product name during the transaction, a full refund can be given to the customer to fully ensure the safety of the customer's property.

Quality Assurance

-We have our own factory, advanced R & D laboratory and quality inspection department, and we can provide quality inspection reports to customers.

Internal Trade Legal Contract

-In addition to PI (Performa Invoice), we provide formal Internal trade legal contracts with customers to fully ensure the fairness and rigor of the transaction process.

Payment Terms (lower than 25% deposit)

-We provide customers with the best payment method, which can provide customers with a lower than 25% deposit, reduce customer payment risk and protect customer property safety.

In Stock and Prompt Delivery

- Since we provide protective suit for medical institutions, community agencies, etc. in China, we have rich experience in manufacturing the best protective clothing, and there is a large number of stocks, and timely supply, we provide you with the best price, the best Quality, minimal delivery time.

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