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Surplus Men's Cheapest Shirts From Turkey

2.5 Euro


Date published: 27-12-2018 | 2461 views
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Stocklots and TradersStocklots and Traders


Dear Sir, Good day to you. This is Mohammad from Turkey. We are one of the leading men's fashion company in Turkey. We are manufacturer Wholesaler, & retail chain operation in globally. We have 3 manufacturing factories & 37 retail chain stores in globally. Our brand name is BRANGO which is registered in globally.

Dear Sir we have some excess surplus stock men's shirts under our brand (BRANGO) name.
Please find the enclosed attachment.
These all the inventory is available at our warehouse at Istanbul. All the goods comes from our own retail chain stores (BRANGO)
Total 33412 Pieces.
All are 100% fresh goods. All are packed with one by poly. We don't even open the pack.
All the products 100% Turkish made. All the fabrics also sourced from Turkey.
Price 2 Dollar (Casual Shirts+Design Shirts+ Dress Shirts + Plus Sizes)
Denim Shirts 5 Dollars (All the denim shirts composition 98% cotton & with 2% Lycra)
N.B : If you are interested please visit to our company at Istanbul. You can check each & every pieces . If deal is done then my company will deduct your Air flight travel cost with 1 day hotel accommodation with your invoice.

Your early reply would be appreciated.

Warm Regards
Gonuller Textile A.S.


+905323944439 (Whatsapp)
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