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Candles - Stocklots

Here you will find stocklots in candles, scented candles, tealights and candle holders. Stocks are of all sorts of volumes and assortments.

Stocklots in candles

In this particular category stocklots are offered in candles and all other “burning stuff” that creates a fine ambiance in living rooms. Although this category is rather specific you will come across many stocklots of a variety of candles, tealights and candle holders. For surplus stock buyers with a market in the interior design business these stocklots offer interesting opportunities. Quantities and types of candles differ widely. You will see bow candles, colored candles, scented candles, candles in glass and all sorts of paraphernalia related to candles.

Stocklot buyers looking for scented candles

Scented candles are popular these days. Manufacturers of candles use special techniques to add all sorts of scents to burning candles. Apart of setting the tone with a nice burning light they also give fragrance to a room and these fragrances come in all sorts of varieties. Stocklot buyers that are active in this market segment often look for fine stocklots of scented candles. On this page you will often find stocklots of scented candles originating from residual stock or bankruptcies from retailers or wholesellers.

Matching stocklot buyers and stocklots traders

The objective of this website is to make the perfect match between buyer and seller. Registration is the only thing you will need to do and after that you can always log in directly. You then will be able to get in touch with traders directly. Registration is free of charge for stocklot buyers and traders. So if you just saw the perfect stocklot of candles or candlesticks please just register and you will have access to the traders contact addresses and email.