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Guepard & Cavalini Perfumes

to be discussed

Guepard SA (Guepard)

Date published: 10-02-2020 | 116 views
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Guepard & Cavallini stock of perfumes stock for sale 12000+ unites mixed 10 pallets aprox , 100ml , 50ml, 30 ml plus testers and some other perfume (less known brands that will be given free of charge 1500 +/- units aprox) including some display material and pos.
All in perfect condition packed on pallets and ready for delivery to be picked up From France (Haute Savoie region).
wish to clear all at once.
The regular export price value is 200.000 euros plus and the selling price is to be agreed upon.
Payment: Cash and carry
Only serious buyers pls contact us via email at [Login for more contactinfo]

P.S.: pictures and breakdown will be sent by email to serious buyers.

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